About Green Biofuels & Benefits

Green Biofuels, LLC, is a dynamic advocate for the establishment of community- based biodiesel production. The cornerstone of our corporate model is the idea of local production dedicated to local consumption.

We believe that this corporate philosophy is not only unique in our industry, but it also translates into the building blocks for an improved future for all our stakeholders. So just who are these stakeholders? At GB our stakeholders include not just our employees and investors – Our stakeholders begin first and foremost with our community partners and the citizens we mutually serve. It is our belief that by focusing on the improvement of our immediate community through the development and increased utilization of clean sustainable energy sources, we are helping to build a better future for all, including our corporate family. This philosophy permeates throughout our organization and is foundational to everything we do at GB.

Therefore, our mission can be simply stated this way:

Green Biofuels will commit its resources in partnership with the community to build a better future for the citizens of our global community, our employees, our investors and our corporate and community partners.

Succeeding in this mission requires that we continue to lead the biodiesel industry in developing innovative approaches and sustainable technologies, as well as establishing creative business models that will set the standard for how our industry operates.

Goitia Group Capital Partners – Advisor

Benefits of Green Biofuels Miami

  1. Only EPA Approved & Certified Biodiesel Producer in Miami Dade County.
  2. Only EPA Approved & Certified Biodiesel Facility in Miami Dade County.
  3. EPA Certified Blender
  4. QAP Standards audited by Ecoengineers
  5. ASTM Certified Biodiesel Producer
  6. Certified RINS Generator.
  7. Licensed Wholesaler by the State of Florida
  8. Up to 4,2 million GPY of production
  9. Certified Feedstock
  10. Used cooking oil collection service
  11. Fleet services
  12. Retail services
  13. Marinas
  14. Export



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