Borescope inspection has an eyepiece and an objective lens that are connected together by an optical system that relays what the objective lens is seeing to the eyepiece. A light source is used to illuminate the area to be inspected. Borescope inspection is used in the inspection of aircraft engines, industrial gas turbines, diesel engines and automotive/truck engines.

Aircraft turbines are subject to ingested foreign object damage (FOD), corrosion, erosion, thermal deterioration, cracking, and distortion. Since the parts that are most vulnerable to damage are not readily available to unaided visual inspection, the only available method to determine the condition of a turbine is the use of a videoscope, borescope or fiberscope.

Scope the work: to eliminate unnecessary work, GGCP´s Engine Management specialists coordinate with the Customer´s Powerplant Engineering staff to determine what tasks should be done (e.g. What modules should be penetrated? Which disks should be changed?) to meet the intended use of the engine. GGCP’s Engine Management Program includes a work scope that is jointly developed with the customer to ensure cost-effective specifications on work to be accomplished.
Teardown the engine: GGCP Engines will tear down the engine (per customers work scope) and only send the affected module (i.e. HPC, LPC…) to the shop for repair. The remaining modules will be routed to the shop for continued time inspection. Once the engine is assembled, the shop will route the engine for test as per manufacturers specifications.
Buy the parts direct. The owner/operator purchases the engine parts directly from GGCP Engines at far less cost than if the engine repair facility provides it. This is the cornerstone of GGCP´s Engine Management Program. GGCP Engines will provide supervision and control of the work performed by the repair facility on the engines.

Following the repair of each engine, GGCP Engines will scrutinize the invoice submitted by the repair facility to ensure that it conforms precisely with the work done and that there are no overcharges.

Closely supervise the repair facility. In point 1 we scoped the work. Here, GGCP Engines supervises the work to make sure that the scoped repair is done in the most cost-effective way (e.g., that a part is not scrapped when a new repair is available, that an expensive repair is not done when it is less expensive to repair the part).

Then, we scrutinize the repair facility invoice for errors and overcharges. For each engine repaired where GGCP Engines provides the parts, there shall be no charge for the engineering and management services performed (e.g., to help Customer determine the scope of work, to supervise the repair facility). Compensation for these services is included in the price of the parts provided by GGCP Engines.



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